Top 5 Healthy Foods For Your Diet Plan

So you’ve decided to go on a diet, you’ve started to exercise and now you are wondering what you should be eating, what diet you should be following. To help you out, we’ve created a list with the top healthy foods you can consume when on a strict diet plan.

1. Strawberries

With a lot of fruits on Earth, strawberries are known to be one of the healthy foods for your diet. It is confirmed that eating a cup of these berries for 8 weeks consecutively reduces some health conditions in the body. Some of these include lowering blood pressure and also cholesterol surrounding the heart and also across the body.

2. Green beans

These types of beans are scientifically proven to have a lot of fibers. Fibers are well known to enable proper digestion of the food in the ileum and the colon. This also helps with the digestion of cholesterol which is known to cause several disorders in the body. Green beans are highly recommended for people who want to retain a healthy body and also for those who want to reduce weight.

3. Tuna

Tuna is considered to be one of the most nutritious fish in the world. It is proved to have a lot of omega 3 which can be described as fatty acids. The function of the omega 3 fatty acid is to boost the normal growth and development of the brain and the whole body at large. This allows a child to be mentally fit as he grows, and an adult to stay healthy and in good physical shape.

4. Oranges

Despite having a lot of water, oranges are well known to be rich in vitamin c that is ascorbic acid. They improve your healthy by ensuring that your skin remains smooth even in old age. It has antioxidant characteristics that reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun thereby retaining the quality of your skin.

5. Cucumber

This is another type of food that should highly be considered for a proper diet. Like oranges, cucumber has a lot of water that helps greatly with digestion. It is also rich in vitamin c which is important for a healthy diet. It also helps in reducing the effects of some types of cancer.

These are just 5 great healthy foods you can consume while on a diet. Use them in moderation and the results will be pleasing!