Fast-Food Danger

Fast-Food Danger

Despite their convenience, the lack of nutritional value and unhealthy content in fast food presents a very serious danger to those who consume it regularly. Even though health practitioners and advocates make an effort to educate people on the benefits of eating a healthy diet, millions of consumers include fast food in their daily diet. Learning about each danger presented by regular consumption of fast food can help you make a more informed choice when deciding what to eat for your next meal.

Fast Food Leads to Obesity

There's a direct link between eating fast-food on a regular basis and the danger of becoming obese. High levels of fat, sugar and sodium are packed into one meal containing enough calories for the entire day. When children and adults incorporate fast food into their diets regularly the pounds add up quickly. Because of the lack of nutritional value, as consumers are gaining weight due to fast food, they also become deficient in important vitamins and minerals.

Obesity-Related Conditions

Illnesses related to obesity are a serious fast food danger and currently the second greatest medical concern. Fat, sodium and sugar found in fast food, coupled with the high calorie content, leads to illnesses such as hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and sleep apnea. Even young children are being diagnosed with illnesses previously associated with adult obesity.


Studies have revealed that fast food stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain as opiate-type drugs. The high fat and sugar contents result in cravings and eventual fast food addiction. Those who eat fast food daily can actually suffer withdrawal symptoms when unable to eat fast food in the usual quantities. An addiction to fast food presents the danger of being unable to gain control of eating habits and health, leading to certain illness.

Marketing Geared Toward Children

Fast food restaurants make money by drawing consumers in with marketing. Businesses that intend to survive for the long-haul must market wisely, but when do marketing techniques cross the line? The fast food industry has made millions by marketing to children with the enticement of toys, clowns, rides and more. The danger in this situation is that most children are not old enough to make the best decision about their own health and make an easy target for fast food companies.

The dangers of fast-food are many, but you can determine how they affect you by making wise decisions about your eating habits. As an occasional treat, a fast food meal isn't dangerous. Fast food becomes dangerous when consumed in excess.

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