Natural-Remedies For Stronger Nails

Natural-Remedies For Stonger Nails

Having nice-looking, strong, healthy nails is an extension of your appearance. If you work hard to be healthy and look presentable it can be frustrating to have your nails chip and break for no reason. As we age, our bones and nails slowly lose strength but this can be easily counteracted with natural remedies for stronger nails. If you have fingernails with ridges or split fingernails, you're probably at your wit's end trying to figure out how to prevent these occurrences from happening, while strengthening your nails. These natural remedies for stronger nails can help you achieve younger-looking nails that don't split or chip every time you touch something

Olive Oil

Hydration is a big problem with nails that split, crack and chip all the time. One of the best ways to hydrate your fingernails is with olive oil. Olive oil provides a natural remedy that soothes and repairs dry skin, hair and nails. Warm 1/2 cup of olive oil in a bowl, then soak your nails in it for 15 to 30 minutes each week. As the olive oil is absorbed into your nails and cuticles, it will help increase their strength by relieving brittleness.

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins are essential to our overall health and a deficiency in them contributes to weak, brittle nails. Biotin is one of the vitamins in vitamin B complex that provides relief for problem nails. Take a high quality vitamin B complex daily to reap the benefits of health in your nails, skin and hair.

The White Cotton Glove Trick

Hundreds of years ago, women slathered moisturizing oils on their hands each night and wore white cotton gloves to bed to hold the moisture in. Although white cotton gloves are no longer a fashion essential, they are an excellent accessory to help you add moisture to dry, brittle nails. Before you go to sleep, massage petroleum jelly into your nails, cuticles and skin. Use more petroleum jelly than you think you need so it can soak into your nails and skin throughout the night. Wear cotton gloves all night long to ensure the petroleum jelly remains on your skin.


Calcium is important for your bone health, as well as your nails. Even healthy eaters should take vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure they receive the required nutrients. Take a high quality multivitamin daily to support healthy nails and maintain a healthy body.

Let Your Nails Breathe

Women who use nail polish and nail polish remover tend to have more difficulties with split fingernails or fingernails with ridges because these products can dry out the nails. After using nail polish remover, make sure to soak your nails in olive oil or use the white glove trick to hydrate your nails. If possible, go without nail polish for a few days so your nails can breathe. When you polish your nails, use products that contain nutrients that hydrate and strengthen your nails.

You can have beautiful, healthy-looking nails again with regular care and maintenance. In addition to eating a healthy diet that's rich in protein and calcium, the above natural-remedies for stronger nails can help you solve the unsightly problem of fingernails with ridges or split fingernails due to dryness and weak nails. Regular use of these natural remedies for stronger nails helps maintain their condition and appearance. To keep your body healthy and strong, you have to provide it with regular care. The same is true of your nails. Use these home remedies to provide needed care and you'll be rewarded with healthy, attractive nails that don't break without reason.

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